Etsy updates iPhone app, reports 1 in 4 visits comes from mobile

As Etsy‘s mobile traffic continues to grow, the marketplace for handmade goods on Tuesday rolled out an updated iPhone(s AAPL) app that offers sellers new tools and is available in four foreign languages.

Anticipating a busy holiday season, the Brooklyn-based company added a feature allowing sellers to upload new items from their phones (a highly requested feature) and now makes the app available in Dutch, French, German and British English. Those new updates support the company’s two major goals: helping sellers build their businesses on Etsy and expand internationally.

The company also reports that one in four visits to the marketplace now comes from a mobile device, which is up from one in five visits as of May. Nearly one in five Etsy purchases takes place on a mobile device and the average iPhone visitor views twice as many pages as the average desktop visitor. Additionally, the company said that mobile users covert from visits to purchases at twice the site average. Since launching the app last November, Etsy said it’s been downloaded more than 2.8 million times.

Etsy’s mobile momentum is in line with broader industry trends. Earlier this month, design-centric shopping site Fab released an updated mobile app, saying that about a third of its sales and daily visits come from mobile.

A report out Tuesday from Google (s GOOG) similarly highlighted the increasing value of mobile, particularly as it relates to holiday shopping. After surveying 1,500 holiday shoppers with market research firm Ipsos OTX, the company said that four out of five mobile and tablet owners will use their device for holiday shopping and mobile users will continue searching after Christmas.

Last month, Etsy said it was investing more than $250,000 through the end of 2012 in ads for its sellers to make sure they weren’t negatively affective by Google’s decision to move its U.S. Product Search experience to a paid-only model. Despite that, it seems as if the company is on track for a strong year. Already, it said, the Etsy community has sold more than $600 million in goods this year, surpassing the $525 million sold for all of 2011.