Why we’re excited about GigaOM RoadMap

We’re closing out the 2012 GigaOM events season with a big one: GigaOM RoadMap, slated for November 5 in San Francisco, will feature a day packed with some of the most innovative educators and thinkers in design and some of the most seasoned journalists in the arena.

Incredible speakers

We’re not exaggerating. GigaOM RoadMap has one of the most diverse and exciting speaker lineups we’ve ever curated, including:

Mapping Sessions

We launched the Mapping Session series at Structure:Data, our first conference of the year. Since then, the Mapping Sessions have become one of the most popular parts of our conferences. These highly interactive, one-hour sessions define the next 12 to 18 months in a given tech market, looking at which companies to watch and potential disruptors in the space. At GigaOM RoadMap, join us as we look at the future of UIs: Are we really making the most of the data, design, cloud, visualization, and processing resources available?

Next-generation UIs: What comes after Siri?
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