Google puts App Engine back online

TGIF, they must be saying at Google(s goog), which just put Google App Engine back online after a rough day of outages.

In a statement released at around 12:45 p.m. PDT, the company said the service had been restored and that it continued to look into the root cause.

According to Google, an event this morning caused its load balancing servers to fail. To restore service, Google shut down traffic and slowly brought the service back up. This was the “first major high replication datastore outage we’ve had since moving to database infrastructure” almost two years ago.

Users of the GAE Platform as a Service can go to this site for updates, including an incident report.

Friday was indeed  a tough morning for the interwebs. Tumblr, Dropbox and GAE all experienced outages, leading some to surmise that there was a broader issue around large packet losses in North America and Asia. It is unclear if all these outages are related. Amazon Web Services(s amzn) suffered a serious outage early this week.