Why You Need Operational Intelligence

How do you win the race of time against getting the business and operational info you need — right when you need it? Most companies use a complex, layered mix of business applications and reporting and analysis tools.

Despite these efforts many frustrations still linger, such as:

• Why can’t I see what is going on in the business right now?
• Why does it take so long to answer questions about key business metrics and issues?
• Why is it so hard to handle exceptions when things go wrong?

If these sound familiar, you’re not alone. The fundamental cause of these frustrations stems from a disconnection between the applications and systems used to run businesses and the immediate nature of modern markets.

One new way to handle this problem is by gathering information and creating a real-time foundation for better business and operational performance.

Splunk software enables this by making sense of machine data and presenting it to the business. Splunk accomplishes this through a unique approach of universally indexing machine data from across nearly any element of the infrastructure. Splunk does this without requiring costly connectors or agents or filtering or parsing the data to load it into a database. By providing users an index of the machine data generated by the systems and infrastructure, Splunk enables users to ask virtually any question and find answers quickly.

Splunk users leverage their machine data to deliver new levels of visibility and operational intelligence for IT teams and the business.