The weekend review: Q3 is the magic number

It’s that time of the year again: earnings calls season. So it’s no surprise that GigaOM Pro readers are paying attention to our latest quarterly wrap-ups, published last week. Now that we’ve entered the final quarter of 2012, it’s crunch time for companies across the tech marketplace. Our third quarter outlooks and analyses are the perfect cheat sheet for the shake-ups, IPOs, and other big events that happened over the past three months — and a barometer for what may lie ahead.

David Card’s “Social third-quarter 2012: analysis and outlook” takes on the daunting task of covering the social media sphere. While he carefully studies big players like Facebook and Groupon, Card also surveys the enterprise market, specifically work-media giant and its recent acquisitions. Although the past quarter has been riddled with disappointing IPOs and lowered revenue expectations, there’s still a lot to look forward to — and watch out for — over the next 12 to 18 months.

Next, Paul Sweeting analyzes the consumer device and services market in “Connected consumer third-quarter 2012: analysis and outlook.” With the lines between old and new media becoming increasingly blurred, the role of the content ecosystem is gaining even greater importance. Sweeting examines the big players in this space — from Barnes & Noble to Google — and the state of the turbulent TV and second-screen markets.

Last, Colin Gibbs gives the iPhone 5 a lot of (digital) ink in “Mobile third-quarter 2012: analysis and outlook.” But the past quarter also saw many other product rollouts, releases, and announcements from tablet makers like Amazon and Microsoft — not to mention the long-awaited Windows 8 Phone. And behind the scenes, mobile operators like Deutsche Telekom took important steps to strengthen and expand their networks in an ongoing big to squeeze out smaller providers. Will this launch a mobile network bidding war?

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