5 steps to a successful enterprise mobile API

Is your IT department flooded with requests to support new mobile apps and strategic partnerships? If so, it’s time to invest in a secure, flexible web API, or application programming interface.

You can do this in six easy steps:

1. Target your mobile app developers:
People outside your company are itching to innovate with your data and an API helps them do just that.

2. Leverage the cloud:
Distribute your traffic through a cloud-based delivery platform and make sure you can set policies, manage developers and monitor your traffic across all of your traffic managers.

3. Think of your API as a product:
Successful API providers think of their API as a product line of API packages, with different levels of access and different business models, depending on developer needs.

4. Distribute your buy button:
Employ a PCI-compliant API distribution platform for partner apps to transact or use OAuth to let app users authorize purchases using payment info that’s already on file.

5. Grow and delight your developer community:
Create a portal for your developers to gain easy access to your keys and interactive documents. Sponsor hackathons or app contests that encourage developers to explore your API.