Meet RoadMap Book, exclusive for RoadMap attendees

Because GigaOM’s second annual RoadMap conference is focused on design in the age of connectivity, we decided to do something entirely not connected (go figure) for all our RoadMap attendees this year: we designed and printed an old-fashioned book, which we’re exclusively giving to everyone at RoadMap.

Our RoadMap book contains 10 interviews and essays with some of the leading thinkers in web, mobile, product and device design, including Mike McCue CEO of Flipboard, Nest CEO Tony Fadell, designer Christian Lindholm, and the head of design for Parlay Labs, Scott Jenson.

Here’s our TOC:

  1. The reinvention of the store for a connected world, interview with George Blankenship, Tesla Motors
  2. 10 rules for designing the future, essay by Christian Lindholm, designer, entrepreneur
  3. Attention to detail: designing for new frontiers, interview with Hosain Rahman, Jawbone
  4. Marching backwards into the future, essay by Scott Jenson, Parlay Labs
  5. The magic of good design, interview with Tony Fadell, Nest Labs
  6. Find the story in your product, images & photos, Oren Jacob, Bobby Podesta, ToyTalk
  7. The call of beauty over data, interview with Mike McCue, Flipboard
  8. The qualified self: online identity finally comes of age, essay by Edward Aten,
  9. Using data to design for your ears, interview with Tom Conrad, Pandora
  10. The rise of augmented intelligence and data mapping, essay by Sean Gourley, Quid

Down the road you’ll be able to buy an ebook version of our book from GigaOM Books, but the printed and bound version will only be available to attendees at the RoadMap event. RoadMap will kick off bright and early this coming Monday morning (November 5)! Yes, it is rapidly approaching. See our awesome speaker list here, and buy the few tickets remaining here.