Are Enterprises Ready for Identity-Based Cloud Security?

By leveraging cloud computing we’re moving quickly to hugely distributed systems where enterprise IT only has physical control over junks.    Indeed, our systems are transforming from monolithic applications to widely distributed and ubiquitous sets of services that are bound together to form applications.   Some of these services existing on-premise and others within cloud providers.

For most enterprises this is a fundamental change in how they manage, govern, and secure their core systems.    Once very simple and traditional security solutions were a fine fit.  However, today we need to deal with services, hardware, data, users, and even mobile devices through the use of identity-based approaches just to keep track of it all.

As everyone is moving towards cloud computing solutions, and thus service-based solutions, the need to shift the security paradigm becomes more urgent.     However, the number of security administrators within enterprises that have the first clue about identity management approaches and technology are small.    Putting knowledge of cloud computing technology in that mix, and that expertise is almost impossible to find.

Thus, if enterprises are not willing to move to cloud computing until the proper security is there, then those same enterprises should invest in updating their security talent now.   Moreover, creating strategic security planning, approaches, and gathering a new arsenal of security technology.   If you’re not willing to do that, you’re not ready for the cloud.