Chris Anderson leaves Wired for his robotics startup

Longtime Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson is leaving the magazine to become CEO of 3D Robotics, the startup he cofounded in 2009. Anderson had been Wired‘s EIC since 2001.

“This is an opportunity for me to pursue an entrepreneurial dream,” Anderson said in a statement posted at Buzzfeed. “I’m confident that Wired’s mission to influence and chronicle the digital revolution is stronger than ever and will continue to expand and evolve.”

3D Robotics is a robot manufacturing company based in San Francisco. The company grew from Anderson’s online community DIY Drones and helps people build personal, or domestic, drones. In a June article for Wired, Anderson described them:

In short, this new generation of cheap, small drones is essentially a fleet of flying smartphones. More and more, autopilot electronics look just like smartphone electronics, simply running different software. The technical and economic advantages of coattailing on the economies of scale of the trillion-dollar mobile-phone industry are astounding. If you want to understand why the personal-drone revolution is happening now, look no farther than your pocket.