Where in the world is your email provider?

Although Gmail is the world’s leading web email service measured by the number of unique visitors worldwide, it doesn’t dominate any one region of the world. Data from ComScore shows Gmail (s goog) and Yahoo Mail (s yhoo) to be competing over similar markets, including North America and Asia Pacific. Yahoo, for now, is in the lead in those regions.

Hotmail (s msft), boasts a more unique market with a significant lead in Latin America, Europe and Middle East-Africa. We graphed Yahoo, Google and Hotmail’s top-five markets — in terms of the percentage of online users in each country who use the service — to show how each stacks up in their respective regions.

Drag the map around to see how the services stack up in other parts of the world.

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Yahoo Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach Google Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach Hotmail Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
World-Wide 281722 18.7 287913 19.1 286238 19
North America 82460 38.6 77030 36.1 49728 23.3
Middle East – Africa 46236 34.4 27075 20.1 30280 22.5
Asia Pacific 90830 14.5 78895 12.6 34396 5.5
Latin America 17531 13.5 28222 21.7 73694 56.7
Europe 44664 11.1 76691 19 98140 24.3

*The ComScore data is for home and work usage, so in areas where a lot of internet usage is through public/shared computers (such as Internet cafes), the estimates are slightly lower than they should be.