7 stories to read this weekend

It has been a hard week – with so many of my friends in New York, I have not had time nor desire to go looking for other information. Yes, I did have some time to distract myself and put together this list for you to enjoy. And perhaps if you are in New York, this provides a momentary distraction.

  • A raccoon of my own: Lauren Slater writing for new entrant into the world of words, Aeon magazine, shares her efforts to try and tame a raccoon at the age of 15.
  • The most spectacular mutation in recent human history: Well, we were drinking milk into our adult age and we were not supposed to. But then a genetic mutation happened and boosted our lactose tolerance.
  • Lewis Lapham’s Antidote to the age of BuzzFeed: Ron Rosebaum writing for Smithsonian magazine extols the virtues of the legendary Harper editor’s Lapham’s Quarterly. I am a subscriber and a damn happy one. It educates, informs, and most importantly, stimulates the mind in a way most modern media doesn’t.
  • Mourning Glory: a sad story about the baseball, two deaths and a dream. It is a must-read if you are missing baseball like I am.
  • A hard landing down under: Andy Xie writing for The Big Picture blog outlines the mining bubble in Australia, its intimate relationship with the Chinese bubble, and how it is all about to end. Frankly, I never read about this part of the world and was quite educated by this article.
  • Broken BRICs: Ruchir Sharma writes about the problems facing Brazil, Russia, India and China, the countries that represented the rise of the rest.
  • Avoiding financial armageddon at the post office: Jeff Jordan is one of my favorite Internet people. He was the CEO of Open Table during the hard times and now he invests in startups. However, his sharp thinking is still the same, as evidenced by this brilliant piece on the U.S. Post Office and its many challenges.