RightScale jumps on the OpenStack bandwagon

RightScale, the very well-regarded public cloud management platform, today announced it officially supports the OpenStack project.  Also announced: RightScale will support customer deployments into Rackspace’s OpenStack-powered cloud.

RightScale already supports a variety of public and private cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google Compute Engine, and a few others.   In the world of private clouds, RightScale provides cloud management capabilities on the OpenStack, CloudStack, and Eucalyptus platforms.

I guess the core question is: What took RightScale so long?  The momentum behind OpenStack is now fully game-on, with most larger private and public cloud providers that do not have ‘Amazon’ in their name jumping on board.  This includes HP, VMware, IBM, Rackspace, and many others.   However, the number of deployments and revenue from OpenStack technology has been lackluster thus far, and there are other standards-based ecosystems out there such as CloudStack and AWS, as well as AWS clones.

RightScale, as a heterogeneous cloud management company, should support as many varieties of technology as they can.  Supporting OpenStack seems like a logical move.  RightScale will have to be the Switzerland of cloud technology in order for them to succeed in the long run.  So, they need to get along rather than take sides.