This American Life takes a page from Louis CK, sells movie directly to fans

Popular public radio show This American Life is following in Louis CK’s footsteps: The show just announced a partnership with video distribution platform to make a video recording of its Invisible Made Visible live show available online later this month. Fans who pay $5 will be able to access full-length streams of the show as well as download a DRM-free copy.

Ira Glass and team recorded Invisible Made Visible earlier this year at the NYU’s Skirball Center, and beamed the event live to theaters all over the country. The idea of the show was to involve many things not possible on the radio, including pictures, video and live acting on stage.

This American Life also used the show to experiment with interactivity: A live performance of OK Go incorporated the audience, which was able to influence the music through a special mobile music app. Fans who access the Invisible Made Visible video on VHX will be able to experience some of this with an interactive video player that allows them to play along with the OK Go performance. originally launched as a video discovery platform, but has been refocusing on its distribution capabilities in recent months, helping Aziz Ansari and Indie Game: The Movie to distribute their videos to an audience willing to pay.