Amazon Invent conference a step in the right direction

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Invent Conference is set to occur on November 27th through the 29th in Vegas.  I expect this event will live up to expectations around attendance and content, given Amazon’s position in the cloud computing space.  There’s also the massive interest in AWS and the great success that it’s been driving.

One of my issues with Amazon is not around their technology, which is pretty good.  Instead, it’s around their ability to interact with customers, communicate a vision, and lead thought.  Their strategy has been, build the best technology you can and people will beat a path to your door.  You know what?  They were right.

However, as Amazon moves past the billion dollar mark in cloud computing revenue, they need to become a kinder and gentler cloud provider.  They should allow their users to drive some of the direction, and assure enterprises that commit to AWS that there will continue to be good communications.

While this conference is a step in the right direction, the underlying thought leadership issue should be addressed as well.  The message that “public cloud good, private cloud bad” is clearly a position around the use of cloud computing.  However, those within enterprises need more granular guidance.  Most cloud deployment will be hybrids, and AWS needs to communicate to the masses how they fit into that world.  They are in a unique position to do it for now.