Smart Dock turns Galaxy Note 2 into an Android computer

Want to turn that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 into a full-sized Android(s goog) computer? It’s not likely something everyone would think of doing, but it’s not that difficult to do thanks to Samsung’s new $99 Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock. The team at GottaBeMobile spotted the dock on Samsung’s U.S. site and I’m intrigued with the possibilities and potential.

The dock charges the Galaxy Note 2 while also adding a few extra features, allowing the smartphone to connect to USB devices and external monitors. The three USB ports could be used for a wired mouse, keyboard and external drive, for example. Google added USB support with Android 4.0, making this possible. The dock also has a full-sized HDMI-out interface to connect an external display; with this connection, the Galaxy Note 2 will drive a 1080p monitor or television set. Lastly, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack can be connected to an external audio source or simply be used with headphones.

The idea of using Android for a full-fledged computing environment may sound like a stretch. Look at the Asus Transformer Prime tablet, however, and you’ll see that this is precisely the idea behind that product. An optional dock with keyboard, trackpad and USB ports turns the Transformer into an Android-powered laptop of sorts.

It’s not ideal for everyone, of course — mainly due to application support and touch-optimized apps that work better on a tablet than a laptop — but these types of devices have their fans. And for $99, it’s a reasonably priced addition to the Galaxy Note 2 if you want to give it a try. Tempting….