How to handle a firehose: An interview with DataSift’s CTO

DataSift, best known as one of the two companies with full access to Twitter’s firehose of streaming data, has raised $15 million in Series B. The new money, which comes from Scale Ventures — along with GRP Partners, IA Ventures Northgate Capital and Daher Capital — adds to the $14.7 million DataSift has previously raised, for a total of $29.7 million.

DataSift is more than just a collector of Twitter data, however. It also takes in data streams from dozens of other web and social media sources, and can handle corporate data, as well. And the company’s real value comes in the analytics it applies to all that data, letting users filter and correlate across myriad different factors.

Here’s an interview I did with DataSift Founder and CTO Nick Halstead during our Structure: Europe conference in Amsterdam last month, in which he describes how DataSift built an infrastructure capable of handling so much real-time data and how companies can use such data effectively.