New Cloud Foundry app validates cloud portability

Cloud Foundry(s vmw) wants its Platform-as-a-Service to be the basis for a wide array of PaaSes going forward — a sort of super Paas foundation. And so far, it’s got some promising partners in that effort: AppFog, Uhuru, ActiveState, and Tier 3 all offer PaaSes based on Cloud Foundry.

To add more transparency, Cloud Foundry is now offering now offering an application to help customers check out what features and services are available from any public CloudFoundry endpoint.

 Cloud Foundry Core, which went live Tuesday morning “will give you a real-time glimpse of what any Cloud Foundry endpoint will support,” said James Watters, director of ecosystem development for Cloud Foundry

According to the web site:

To promote cloud portability across different instances of Cloud Foundry, Cloud Foundry Core defines a baseline of common capabilities for different Cloud Foundry instances. Further, it provides an open mechanism that lets anyone instantly validate and confirm the specific frameworks and applications supported by a particular instance of Cloud Foundry and whether it supports Cloud Foundry Core.

Lucas Carlson, CEO of AppFog, which now claims 100,000 applications running on its PaaS, is bullish on the new app, calling it “a step forward in PaaS transparency, proving interoperability can exist and giving enterprises more comfort in taking the leap to PaaS.”

Carlson says business PaaS adoption will remain stalled until customers can be assured that their applications can be moved from platform to platform as needed.