Nebula promotes NASA vet to oversee OpenStack effort

Companies pushing OpenStack love to boast that they have former NASA technologists on staff. After all, NASA, along with Rackspace(s rax), incubated the open-source cloud stack. In that vein, Nebula, which is led by former NASA CTO Chris Kemp, is naming Jesse Andrews as VP of product management. In that capacity Andrews will oversee the entire Nebula project as the company prepares it for launch.

Andrews has a great OpenStack pedigree. He was also formerly CEO of ANSO Labs,  the NASA spinoff, where he worked with Kemp and the rest of the team behind the Nova compute engine underlying OpenStack.

ANSO was acquired by Rackspace in February, 2011 and Andrews worked on that company’s Cloud Builder program while continuing to contribute to OpenStack. In fact, Andrews is not totally new to Nebula: He was one of the half dozen or so former ANSO people at Rackspace who decamped to Nebula last July.

Two months ago, Nebula netted $25 million in funding from Comcast Ventures and two months ago to fuel its push toward launch. Other OpenStack cloud offerings from Rackspace itself, from HP(s hpq), Internap(s inap), and others are already available.  Nebula’s Kemp has characterized Nebula’s take is to provide an easy-to-deploy but fully enterprise-class cloud.

Last September, Kemp said Nebula will offer sort of a cloud appliance that companies can plug their services into to get up and running fast. Other OpenStack clouds — from Red Hat or Canonical — for example, will be more suited to hard-core techies who want to customize their clouds, he said.