Instagram rival EyeEm belatedly gets proper Twitter integration

When you’re trying to take on a major success like Instagram, it helps if you can offer the same key functionality.

For EyeEm, one of those indispensable features has just hovered into view, namely the ability to see EyeEm photos embedded in tweets, rather than having to click through to the website or app:

On reflection, it’s quite surprising the year-old EyeEm managed to hit a million downloads while its service lacked that feature. I know it may seem first-world-problems small, but the feature’s absence made EyeEm seem clunky in comparison to Instagram’s slickness. It also put the brakes on virality – if you’ve had to click away from Twitter to view a shot linked to in a tweet, you’re less likely to retweet it.

So this should also help the company with its intriguing attempt to make money, the most recent of which involves teaming up with brands such as Red Bull and Lufthansa to send members on ‘photo missions’ to go take relevant shots.

After all, if you’re counting on your platform’s content going viral, it helps if people can see and share it as easily as possible.