Peter Chernin joins Twitter board. Why?

Peter Chernin, who once was an aspirant to the throne at News Corp., is joining the board of Twitter, the San Francisco-based social sharing platform that sees its future as an old fashioned advertising-driven media company. Chernin is a vital bridge to that old media world that has a traditional and predictable view of advertising, audiences and attention. A source intimate with Twitter said that Chernin brings a lot of cred with the Madison Avenue crowd.

Chernin, as you might remember, is the guy who was responsible for optimizing the online video revolution, by helping coalesce a coalition called Hulu. He is replacing Flipboard founder and CEO Mike McCue, who left the board a few months ago. He announced his decision in a tweet – his first tweet in two years since he has been on the network.

Call me crazy, but I like to see board members actually use the social product to understand the social dynamic which is part of a company’s allure. Otherwise, you think of it as no differently than a TV network – which Twitter isn’t.

I did ask Chernin (on Twitter of course) what he had learned about Twitter in his two years of being on the network and what made him decide that it was time to join the board. So far, no response. I have a feeling, it might be a a while before I get a response.