Now with LTE: iPad mini, new iPad hit Apple and carrier stores in U.S.

Interested in an iPad mini, but holding out for one with cellular connectivity? Your first chance to get one begins today. On Friday, three carriers in the U.S. began advertising the availability of the iPad mini and new iPad with LTE service, though it might be hit and miss trying to find one depending on where you decide to shop.

Verizon(s vz), AT&T(s T) and Sprint(s S) are all advertising the new devices’ availability, but it appears the quantities they have on hand may be limited for now. Sprint’s website says the iPad mini can be bought in its retail stores, but not online. Verizon and AT&T are selling both tablets with LTE on their websites, but as of Friday morning, AT&T shows them out of stock at their retail stores and Verizon appears to be selling them online only.

Apple is also selling the devices with cellular service in its its stores and online, though they’re still in short supply — its website says iPad mini ¬†with Wi-Fi + Cellular shipping takes two weeks. The fourth-generation iPad with Wi-FI + Cellular ships in one week.

Apple Store shows the LTE iPad mini backordered for two weeks.