Where next for Steven Sinofsky?

Steven Sinofsky, the former president of Microsoft’s Windows group (s msft) probably never needs to work again — he’s a 20-year-plus veteran of the company who is vested many times over. But no one really thinks he’s retiring.

So … where will SteveSi land next? Interesting question. He’s not talking (much), so let’s speculate.

Someone with Sinofsky’s talents for managing huge software development projects probably means he can write his own ticket. Those skills could come in handy with many companies including Microsoft rivals Google (s goog) and Apple(s aapl). Neither is a Windows player at all but both would probably both love to pick his brain. Imagine the headlines either of those appointments would make. Facebook(s fb) is another option, according to an informal poll of sources including Microsoft insiders.

Amazon(s amzn) would be an interesting choice. He wouldn’t have to relocate and Amazon seeks more enterprise expertise for its cloud services push.  One Twitter correspondent thinks Seattle-based Tableau, the hot-shot business intelligence startup, would be an interesting choice.

And then there’s always Oracle(s orcl). Larry Ellison always enjoys hiring top names from competitors.

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