The weekend review: India, data centers, and the decline of the iPhone?

We’re entering the final stretch of the year: Soon we’ll be seeing annual wrap-ups and predictions for 2013 and beyond. At GigaOM Pro, research about the cloud, infrastructure, and consumer products continues to be popular: This week GigaOM Pro readers focused on reports about data centers, the growth of the cloud in India, and the iconic iPhone.

The rapid growth of both the public and private clouds has had a profound impact on the IT sector, especially data centers. As Lee Doyle explains in “An overview of the software-defined networking market,” software-defined networks (SDNs) provide the framework and technical infrastructure to support massive public data centers. Doyle’s research report provides an extensive analysis of the impact, advantages, and challenges of SDNs on enterprise data center networks and an overview of leading SDN vendors and current use cases and deployments.

Next, Laura Stuart examines one of the world’s most rapidly growing tech markets in “How the cloud is transforming India’s IT services.” Stuart takes a look at India’s leading tech firms and their current cloud-based offerings for the enterprise market, as well as what these firms are doing to further advance their commitment to the cloud.

Last, in “Are iPhone users getting the 5-year itch?,” Mike Wolf wonders if the iPhone has reached the tipping point: Is Apple’s iconic mobile device finally getting boring? Wolf takes a look at a recent consumer study about declining iPhone loyalty and reads between the lines: The smartphone market may be evolving away from an iOS-dominated world.

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