For those about to rock, AC/DC is now on iTunes

I suppose congratulations are in order for AC/DC who, after almost everyone else, have finally seen the wisdom of selling their music to the masses via one of the world’s most popular music stores: Apple’s iTunes(s AAPL). Apple made the announcement on Monday morning that the Australian rock band’s entire catalog — that’s 23 albums — is now for sale in Apple’s online music store.

Sure, for some people this announcement is not quite as exciting as the Beatles finally cutting a deal with Apple in November 2010 to bring its back catalog to iTunes. But AC/DC had famously resisted iTunes’ siren call for a long time. The band joins a list of other acts who only recently gave in and started selling digital tracks on Apple’s service, which include Kid Rock, Metallica and Led Zepellin. The other notable anti-iTunes acts are Garth Brooks and Tool.

Apple’s iTunes turns 10 years old next April, and sells 28 million songs. But the bigger draw for these artists finally getting on board is Apple’s customer base: iTunes has 400 million credit cards hooked up to it that can buy a song or album at a single tap.