Open-source video’s Kaltura takes $25 million to go to Asia

Online video hosting and playback software suite vendor Kaltura is embarking on an Asia-Pacific sales run, funded by a new investment round.

The outfit is taking $25 million from Mistui Global Investments and Orix Ventures, saying it is “setting its sights on the Asia-Pacific region”.

Kaltura’s online video platform is supposedly used by over 300,000 clients, including in the enterprise and at media companies, who can either buy in Kaltura’s own commercial service or host its open-source software themselves.

The outfit already expanded in to Europe earlier this summer. VentureBeat has called Kaltura a “next billion-dollar enterprise tech company”. It has previously raised a $2.1 million first round, a big $21 million second round in 2008 and a $20 million raise from Intel Capital and others in 2011.

Vietnam and Hong Kong are Asia-Pacific’s top online video-viewing countries, according to comScore (and via Digital Strategy Consulting)…