7 stories to read this weekend

What an amazing and relaxing week. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving meal with your loved ones and spent time thinking about how much we have to be thankful for.

If you are done shopping and are looking for some good stuff to read, here are seven stories I recommend for this weekend…

  • 10 Things Julius Caesar could have taught us about business leadership: Oliver Blanchard goes back in time and finds that there is a lot to learn from the Roman emperor.
  • Making Cents: As someone who celebrates the success of new connected companies like Spotify and Pandora, it is eye-opening to see the other side of the equation. Damon Krukowski of Galazie 500, a musician, shares his story.
  • The man who hacked Hollywood: Since I am in Hollywood myself, why not share this story about Chris Chaney, who hacked the emails of some of the biggest names in Hollywood? Just plain common sense and some dedication from his Florida home.
  • The divine Gary Cooper: And talking about scandals, even the old Hollywood had many of those. I wonder what bloggers would have done with Gary Cooper.
  • Why it is good to be Michael Lewis: Well, there are many reasons, and they all start with his books. Great profile of Lewis and his rise to the top of the writing totem pole.
  • Mexico: Risking life for truth: is a great story about reporters who ply their craft in Mexico at the risk of being beheaded. An eye-opening story about how journalism happens in one of the most dangerous places in the world.
  • The Mandate of Hell: Tom Engelhardt laments the pervasiveness of the do-nothing culture, especially amongst the politician set. As an apolitical person, I found this piece resonating with me.