Telx’s annual Marketplace LIVE event — hundreds of business leaders

Telx and Marketplace LIVE lead the industry in facilitating connections — both physical and virtual. Marketplace LIVE helps companies grow by connecting new markets, new partners and new revenue streams by bringing together leading cloud computing providers, service providers, capital markets firms, large enterprises, and media and entertainment companies as well as industry analysts, network strategists and C-level technology experts in a truly dynamic event and atmosphere.

Participants include Morgan Stanley, Digital Realty Trust, Ciena, AMS-IX and a range of other companies spanning the media, financial, technical, telecommunications and software industries.

The daylong event will consist of learning, networking and new business opportunities for attendees, along with expert discussions on next-gen industry topics designed to foster new ideas and customer insights.

There will be interesting panels and speakers including discussion lead by individuals from Bloomberg, Sony PlayStation, Netflix, the Associated Press, CA Technologies and many others.

Throughout the day a media room will be available to registered members of the press for interviews, networking and discussions.

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