Pundits won’t make or break Windows Phone

Sascha Segan over at PCMag.com asks whether pundits will kill Windows Phone 8, claiming the platform “is
only doomed if we say it is.” Noting the chicken-and-egg problem of a lack of apps resulting in a lack of users, Segan claims media types and analysts have an unusual amount of influence regarding the prospects of Windows Phone 8 because they (we) can help shape perception: Developers will build for an operating system that’s seen as a contender, and consumers will follow as the number of quality apps for that platform increases.

Segan is one of my favorite writers in the tech press, but I don’t share his views here. Developers don’t need pundits to tell them how an operating system if faring; there is an endless barrage of informative market research when it comes to mobile platforms. And consumers don’t really care about how many apps a specific platform has, they really just care that it runs their favorite apps.

Microsoft has created a solid mobile OS and has built an impressive alliance backing its platform. If Microsoft and its partners market Windows Phone 8 effectively, it will emerge as a threat to iOS and Android. If they don’t, it will never be anything more than an also-ran.