Palm’s webOS lives on…. as an Android app

Palm webOS fans left in the cold from HP’s (s hpq) debacle with the mobile operating system can rejoice a little. HP open-sourced the webOS platform, making for some interesting third-party webOS efforts and giving the platform a new lease on life. Some developers have ported the operating system to different devices, but that can be a cumbersome user process. What if you could run webOS on any Android(s goog) device as an app?

Turns out, the possibility is slowly becoming a reality: Phoenix International Communications is getting closer to running webOS on Android with a single tap. The effort is considered “pre-alpha” so it’s not even close to ready for prime-time. But, as shown in this video, the proof-of-concept project proves it can be done:


Without hardware acceleration, the webOS environment is super-sluggishly slow, of course: You’re not going to run this now and get the performance of webOS on native hardware. Still, this is progress, says WebOS Nation, which notes that in mid-October, the team at Phoenix couldn’t even get past the lock screen.