Ok, this is getting silly: Google cuts storage prices — again

A day after Amazon cut its S3 storage prices by 25 percent and three days after it cut its own storage prices, Google(s goog)  is at it again, announcing another 10 percent price cut on its enterprise blog.

Clearly the game is on — with Google doing its best to show that it will compete head-on for the hearts, minds and wallets of businesses (and other) customers. It’s playing catch up to AWS which is by far the leader in public cloud infrastructure.

According to an emailed Google statement:

This morning on the Google Enterprise Blog
, the Cloud Platform team announced they are reducing the price of Google Cloud Storage by an additional 10%, resulting in a total price reduction of over 30% this week. We are very committed to delivering the best value in the marketplace to businesses and developers looking to operate in the cloud. This price reduction applies to all Cloud Storage regions and the new DRA Storage. For more information and a pricing chart, please see our blog post.

Said a Google spokeswoman: “In a nutshell, the prices are the lowest in the marketplace today and we’re committed to making sure devs and businesses get great value with us.”

Earlier this morning at the AWS: Reinvent show in Las Vegas, Amazon also announced two new “giant” EC2 instances — one a cluster high-memory instance with 240 GB of RAM and 2 x 120 GB SSDs; the other a high-storage instance with 117GB of RAM, 24 hard drives and 48TB.

I would like to say that’s it for the week, but it’s only Thursday and we haven’t heard from the Microsoft(s msft) Azure folks yet, so stay tuned.