Yingli Green Energy scores contract for SDG&E despite tariffs

Tariffs on Chinese solar panels didn’t stop Yingli Green Energy from scoring a contract to supply 200 megawatts of photovolatics panels for LS Power Group, the developer of the solar project that will generate electricity for San Diego Gas & Electric. The deal should help Yingli stave off further financial problems, though continued guarantees from the Chinese government are what is keeping most of the top Chinese PV makers going right now.

In his post, Forbes’ Todd Woody correctly points out that there’s more money to be made in being the project developer than the PV panel supplier, since panels are quickly becoming commodities. This is why First Solar and SunPower are focusing on project development. There’s no indication that Yingli intends to do project development itself, though the company is clear that it believes it can do much more business as a module supplier for utility companies in the U.S. Regardless of recent tariffs imposed on solar cells.