7 stories to read this weekend

Wow … this week went by fast. I spent much of the week catching up with the last week’s email, phone calls, visits with some founders and of course preparing for Le Web in Paris, which is by far my favorite thing to do in December. And in between all of that, I read a lot of articles. Here are some of my favorites, with my comments.

  • The story of the Wheelie Suitcase: Because I need a new suitcase and because I kinda like Nassim Nicholas Taleb, I found this headline click-worthy and I wasn’t disappointed.
  • Bad to the bone, a medical horror story by Fortune‘s Mina Kimes is a shocking tale of what happens when greed and health come together.
  • The origins of Lost. Grantland’s Alan Sepinwall talks to the creators of TV show Lost and finds a pretty unique set of stories. I read this piece, and I still didn’t want to see Lost. But it is a great piece.
  • Spellbinder: Meet modern Mr. Ripley. The story of Mitchell Gross is shocking and perversely entertaining at the same time. It is an exceptional read.
  • Subcompact Publishing: Craig Mod, one of my favorite writers/thinkers on the topic of ebooks and digital publishing is back with a great manifesto to create a publishing experience that matches the multiscreen world we live in. Simply fantastic.
  • What happens now that the War on Drugs has failed? Truce, maybe? asks Benjamin Wallace-Wells asks in this provocative piece in the New York magazine. One of the best pieces I read this week.
  • And finally what does the internet of plants, aka connected terrariums tell us about the future of cities, asks Good. I found this experiment to be wildly interesting. I might try this at home.