Gmail improves for recent Android devices; old versions need not apply

Android(s goog) device owners running either the Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean versions¬†can now grab Gmail enhancements to make you more productive. Google updated the Gmail application on Monday and any devices running Android 4.0 or better will see the improvements. If your device supports the update, you’ll want to get the refreshed software.

gmail-thumbnailsGone are the emails with text that doesn’t fit your screen in this new version of Gmail. Instead, messages will be fit to the screen. Don’t worry though: If you can’t read the text, you can now pinch to zoom on email content or you can turn off auto-fit on messages in the Gmail settings.

Another great setting is to enable a swipe to archive function for faster email management. Also included is support for image thumbnails, which you can tap and view in your Gallery.

As of the beginning of November, 28.5 percent of all Android devices hitting the Google Play market during a two-week period were running Android 4.0 or better and would be able to use the new Gmail features. I already have the update and it certainly makes the email experience much better, so if your device supports it, I’d go get it!