Mary Meeker looks to “wallet, healthcare, and education” for growth

Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker released an updated version of her widely-read “Internet Trends” report Monday, tweaking former trends and adding new ones in her analysis of the future for internet and mobile technology. Meeker’s update comes after her report initially released in May.

The new sections focus on the impact of the ever-connected 20-something, the growth of big data, and “areas to re-imagine,” including e-commerce, education, and healthcare. Meeker’s full slides can be found online and are embedded below, but here were some of the big trends in her new sections:

  • Mobile and tablets have had a significant impact on e-commerce, with Black Friday online shopping on those types of devices rising from 6 percent two years ago to 24 percent in 2012, with iOS outpacing Android devices by a factor of four.
  • Companies like Facebook have compiled massive amounts of data from willing consumers, but big data is still the “Wild West” of the internet. The amount of global digital information created and shared by consumers grew by a factor of nine in only five years by 2011, so bluetooth-connected devices and wearables could have a huge impact on data collection in the coming years.
  • Meeker points to the demise of the “asset-heavy” lifestyle, especially among 20-somethings. The cloud allows individuals to store and stream things like music and documents, freeing up physical space that might previously have been filled by CD’s, books, televisions, and paper. The shared economy of Airbnb, TaskRabbit, and smartphones often frees up time and money for these same individuals, creating the “asset-light” generation.
  • Areas that could still be “re-imagined” include the wallet (plenty of people still carry several credit cards, coupons, etc.), as well as healthcare and education, where trillions are spent through traditional means with variable results.

Here are the slides with updates:
[slideshare id=15474339&doc=internettrendsstanford120312final-121203181402-phpapp01]