Pocket launches read-it-later partnership with Matter

Pocket, the read-it (or watch-it, consume-it, whatever-it)-later service formerly known as Read It Later, announced its first publisher partnership — with Matter, the Kickstarter-backed science e-singles startup. (Matter’s cofounder, Bobbie Johnson, was formerly the European editor for GigaOM, and still writes for us occasionally.)

This is Pocket’s first publisher partnership. Subscribers to Matter (it’s $0.99 a month) can also access the stories from Pocket.

Other third-party reading apps are also adding subscription-only content from publishers. In June, Flipboard partnered with the New York Times (s NYT), allowing paying NYT subscribers to access all of the newspaper’s content through Flipboard’s apps as part of the NYT’s “NYT Everywhere” initiative. And Pulse sells some Wall Street Journal (s NWS) content through its apps. Pocket says more publisher partnerships are coming soon.