New: Slick MongoDB managed service from Softlayer and 10gen

If you’re a MongoDB fan but would rather not futz too much with your set up and clusters, SoftLayer has a deal for you. The cloud provider worked with 10gen, the company behind the fan-favorite NoSQL database, on a new on-demand MongoDB service that takes a lot of the sweat out of deployment and lets you pay for MongoDB as you go.

“With this [offering],  customers get things they can’t get on other clouds today — SoftLayer and 10gen worked on optimized hardware configuration specially for MongoDB,” said Jared Rosoff, director of product marketing and technical alliances for New York-based 10Gen.  “Often the biggest bottleneck is the disk I/O subsystem of the database servers. We’ve worked on a set of configurations for small, medium and large deployments for Mongo that take care of that.”

10gen3In addition, the customer can use a graphical dashboard to design the required MongoDB cluster that can span multiple data centers and provisioning. And, perhaps just as important, the customer can pay for MongoDB as they use it. Up till now,  customers had to set up annual per-server subscriptions. With this implementation, customers can pay as they go, scale up and down, and have all the variable charges integrated into their overall SoftLayer bill.

This is a full managed solution with flexibility from hardware to subscription pricing, said Marc Jones,  VP of product innovation for  Softlayer.

Pricing for a small MongoDB implementation starts at $359 plus $300 for the subscription; medium  starts at $1,419 plus $400 for the subscription and  large starts at $3,449 plus $600 for subscription.

Dallas-based SoftLayer is a big public cloud provider but is something of a sleeper compared to Amazon(s amzn) Web Services. It’s claim to fame has been that users can commission dedicated physical servers or heavily virtualized, shared cloud servers, or a mix of both. And, it says it can offer advanced services that are in some cases cheaper than what AWS provides. And it has some big name-brand customers like Kixeye,  Sendgrid, Tumblr, and  Slideshare.