Awesome photo editor Snapseed arrives on Android

Snapseed, one of the highest rated apps in Apple’s(s aapl) iTunes Store, launches for Android devices on Thursday. Google(s goog) purchased Nik Software, the development company behind Snapseed, early this year, which may have pushed along support for the app. The free editor has long been an iOS favorite, mainly due to its simple but effective interface which makes it easy to apply photo filters and adjustments in real-time.

Here’s an overview of Snapseed’s functionality and interface on an iPad to get an idea of how the software works:


The software is free to install from the Google Play store for devices running Android 4.0 or better and the iOS version, which was $4.99, is also free. The same features carry over from iOS to Android and users will be able to share their edited photos directly to Google+.

Back at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January, I was completely impressed by an Android version of Snapseed that was specifically for devices running on Nvidia’s(s nvda) Tegra chips. This new version will have no such limitation, however.

I’ve just installed the software on my Galaxy Note 2 and edited an old photo with Snapseed; it looks much better than the original, which was taken on the same smartphone.

Snapseed flower