Video: Which Zagg keyboard is right for your iPad mini?

Looking for a protective case with a useful Bluetooth keyboard for an iPad(s aapl) mini? Consider the two offerings from Zagg, which I’ve been using for a few days. While both the Zagg Keys Mini 7 and Zagg Keys Mini 9 cases are priced the same at $89.99, they’re different sizes; hence the numbers in the product names.

As a result, they really cater towards different iPad mini users. Take a look a my comparison to see what I mean:


While both of the Zagg keyboard cases provide some protection for an iPad mini, there’s no closure mechanism on either. I’m not a fan of that as the case could easily open if dropped. I do like the wireless keyboards, however.

The 7-inch model is a bit too cramped for my tastes, but of course the 9-inch version is bigger and heavier. It’s a question of sacrifice: Do you mind extra bulk and weight for a wider keyboard or would you rather use a minimalistic keyboard and case? That depends on your preferences, of course. Either way, Zagg has you covered.