Netflix loves Google Fiber, thinks Uverse is too slow for its own good

It’s official: Google (s GOOG) Fiber is Netflix’s (s NFLX) favorite ISP. The video service published the first in what it promises will be monthly ISP rankings, revealing the average speed of Netflix speeds for each service provider. Google Fiber unsurprisingly captured the first spot, with viewers achieving an average speed of 2.55 Mbps.

Netflix's ISP ranking for November 2012 - click to enlarge.

Netflix’s ISP ranking for November 2012.

Verizon (s VZ) FIOS is on second place with 2.19 Mbps, and ranked third is Comcast with 2.17 Mbps. Netflix VP of Content Delivery Ken Florance specifically called out AT&T’s (s ATT) Uverse service in a blog post, pointing out that it “shows quite poorly” compared to FIOS. Uverse was ranked 11th by Netflix, with a mere 1.94 Mbps.

At the bottom of the list are mobile providers, with Verizon mobile once again leading the pack (0.76 Mbps), followed by T-Mobile (0.64). The loser is once again AT&T, whose mobile service only averaged 0.48 Mbps.

It’s no surprise that Google Fiber would be faster than the competition – but some of you might wonder: Why did folks with a 1 Gigabit connection only clock 2.55 Mbps on average? The answer has a lot to do with the different bitrates Netflix is using for its content. The service’s highest-quality 1080p video streams come in at 4800 kbps.

Non-HD content, of which there still is quite a bit on Netflix as well, on the other hand tops out at 2200 kbps. The typical user watches a mix of HD and SD content, which explains the lower average on Google Fiber.

Florance said that going forward, the company wants to publish this kind of ISP ranking every month.