Vox Media says the Verge is “very profitable” after one year

In late 2011, The Verge arrived on the media scene with grand plans to redefine tech news. Parent company Vox Media made an expensive bet on brand-name writers and bespoke publishing tools.

In the month of October, comScore reports The Verge racked up 3.1 million unique U.S. visitors. It’s an impressive start but still a ways behind longtime incumbents like Gawker Media’s Gizmodo, which had 6.5 million uniques. The number for AOL’s(s aol) Engadget, which Vox raided to create its editorial team, was 6.3 millon.

The Verge is “very profitable” and has sold out its advertising inventory for months, according to Chief Content Officer Marty Moe, who credits a “super premium experience” for attracting large brands like Ford (s F), BMW and Microsoft(s ms). The Verge is one of three sites where Vox Media has applied its strategy of choosing a news vertical and then hitting it hard with sizeable staffs of specialist writers and elaborate publishing tools. The company’s other properties are sports site SB Nation and newly launched video game site Polygon.