MindMeld maker Expect Labs teams up with voice expert, Nuance

Expect Labs, the anticipatory computing platform maker behind MindMeld, a video and voice calling app, has teamed up with voice-technology company, Nuance Communications (s NUAN) and is incorporating its voice recognition engine in its platform.  Expect, was co-founded by Tim Tuttle and Moninder Jheeta two years ago and is backed by the Google Ventures and Greylock Partners.

The company believes that with Nuance technology its platform can do more than just answer questions or perform simple voice search —  a not-so-subtle dig at Apple’s Siri (s AAPL) and Google’s (s GOOG) voice command based search. Expect is one of the companies I am most excited about as it represents big progress in how we consume information and interact with devices.

In case, you were wondering what is this anticipatory computing, here is how I described it in my initial piece about MindMeld.

Tuttle started the company two years ago to develop a platform that would “continuously pay attention to what happens in your life and pick up ambient information and then start to surface relevant information.” Why? Because be believed that our computing habits were going from being desktop bound to completely mobile, and that would essentially mean a different usage behavior.

With more devices and more sensors coming into our lives, the amount of data being generated will reach a point where the machines need to start anticipating our needs. Search as a way to access information doesn’t and won’t work — mostly because search can only respond to questions we ask. Also, if most of our computing is shifting to devices that are always with us, the idea of how to compute also has to change.