Google Showing Some Cloud Weakness

Gmail is on the fritz.  Some users are getting error messages, and others just can’t use chat.  Some of the problems are even causing Google’s Chrome browser to be more crash-prone.  While it’s not a huge deal to have Gmail up and down, this is on the heels of Google’s announcement that they will charge smaller businesses for Google apps.

Google is looking to be a larger player in the cloud, specifically looking to extend their PaaS offering into the world of IaaS, and expand the use of their Google Apps SaaS play.  However, while Amazon has been plagued by major outages, Google has had their share of issues in the last few years as well.

What’s occurring now is that those who are considering cloud computing are hypersensitive about any outages, or, in this case, system issues.  These problems all confirm that the cloud is still not perfect, and pose reasons why they may want to pass on cloud computing for now.

Compare the outages of internal systems with public clouds, and I suspect public clouds will come out on top each and every time.  But, those are systems under direct control, and thus less scary.  Public cloud providers need to understand that they will be measured differently, and they need get pretty close to 100 percent uptime.