Local event discovery app Vamos gets ‘better-looking’ Android version

The Social Graph-powered, hyper-local event discovery tool Vamos is now available on Android as well as iPhone, the platform on which it launched back in August.

The Android app is available globally from launch and, at least as CEO Luis-Daniel Alegria tells it, it’s actually an improvement over the iOS version in some ways – despite the fact that the Android version lacks the original’s upcoming events feature for now.

“Right now I would say the Android looks the best,” Alegria told me. “The perception of Android apps is that most are quite ugly, and they’re more or less a copycat of iOS apps, so we decided to make an awesome Android app that showcases what you can do. We’re starting to implement some of those new designs to the iPhone, too.”

Expansion to Android is, well, pretty essential these days. The other part of Vamos’s trajectory to watch, though, is its approach to partnerships. According to Alegria, the company is in talks with some recognisable names in the clubbing and even audio hardware spaces, to integrate event promotions into the Vamos platform.

And what about that proof-of-concept Eventbrite tie-in that happened at launch?

“We’re still aggregating events from Facebook, because we’re still defining the best way to provide this type of information to our users,” Alegria said. “We don’t want to mix data until we have really nailed it down.”

As for using the Android app hands-on, the pre-release version I tried worked very nicely indeed on my Nexus 7. Since the iOS iteration is for iPhone only, tablet-friendliness is certainly one advantage the Googlified version has over its Applish elder sibling.