Publishing startup Ganxy now lets users sell ebook bundles

Ganxy, a New York-based startup that helps authors and publishers sell and market ebooks through a set of online tools, has added the option to sell ebooks as bundles. Users can adjust the bundles’ prices in real time; bundles can also be gifted to others.

Ganxy already lets authors and publishers create ebook “showcases” that can be tweeted and embedded on sites like Facebook (s FB), or can stand alone as websites. With the new bundling feature, authors and publishers can create “box sets” of ebooks and sell the bundles directly to their audience through the showcase. They can also quickly adjust pricing and offer flash sales.

Ganxy’s showcases for single titles let users either sell ebooks directly through the showcase or link through to retailers. But the bundling option is only for users who want to sell directly through Ganxy. The company’s fee is 10 percent of all the sales made directly through its platform.

Some of Ganxy’s current users include Diversion Books (publisher of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and the Washington Post ebooks, among others), romance authors Barbara Freethy and Sylvia Day, and New York Times columnist Mark Oppenheimer. The company is self-funded.

Separately, StoryBundle, the startup founded by former Gizmodo and Lifehacker editor Jason Chen, announced its new “Holiday Gift Bundle.” StoryBundle packages together a group of ebooks by self-published authors and lets users pay what they want. The holiday bundle includes six ebooks in a variety of genres; users who pay at least $8 get two bonus ebooks. The company also added gift cards.