VMware’s Pivotal Initiative Lumps Efforts Under a Single Umbrella

VMware’s Pivotal Initiative, announced Dec. 4, is all about refocusing EMC for the emerging cloud computing space.  Also, serving both application development and operations management.

We’ve seen this movie before, as larger companies with distributed assets attempt to focus those resources to capture an emerging market.  Pivotal puts all of these resources under one umbrella, including employees and resources from EMC’s Greenplum and Pivotal Labs units, as well as VMware’s vFabric, Cloud Foundry, and Cetas groups.  The person leading Pivotal will be Paul Maritz, chief strategy officer at EMC.

This is a great idea for Vmware.  Up to now it’s been a bit like watching a very talented football team run in circles and wonder why no one can score.  They have a number of wonderful technical assets that, when blended together in the right way, should make for a great cloud computing and big data offering.  Kind of a 2+2 equals 10 sort of deal.

That said, they are getting to be a big company, and that means it’s going to be difficult for them to quickly drive in any direction.  Hopefully, VMware will keep their nose out of Maritz’s business.