Wrike is the newest to integrate Dropbox Chooser

Last month, Dropbox released Dropbox Chooser, an API to make integration of Dropbox into other applications much easier. At the time of the announcement Asana, the team task management tool, had already integrated Chooser into their implementation:

The benefits to users are great, since  the integration leverages Dropbox file sync, meaning that I can update a file in a Dropbox folder on my laptop after attaching to an Asana task, and anyone sharing that task will see the most recent version of the doc without me having to do anything.

Wrike, a competing team task manager, today announced that they have integrated Chooser as well:

We are rapidly moving away from the old paradigm of file sharing through web apps, and the confusion caused by users having to upload new versions of documents every time a change is made, and collaborators downloading documents and not knowing if they have the current version or not.

The new paradigm will be the following:

  1. Team members sign up for Dropbox for Teams, or a competitive offering, like Box.
  2. A folder is created for a project or a team, and all the team members share it.
  3. A team task management or work media tool is selected that integrates with the teams file-sync-and-share technology.
  4. Files intended for sharing are dragged into the shared folder, and linked to tasks, updates, messages, or comments in the task manager or work media tool, always staying in sync.

The only unnecessary effort involved is the manual creation and sharing of the project or team shared folder, but that could be simplified so that the task manager or work media tool performed that automatically.

I expect this to be nearly ubiquitous by the end of 2013.