BookBook case disguises iPad mini as a vintage book

Covers for the iPad mini are sold everywhere, popping up quickly after Apple(s aapl) introduced the small slate in October. I’m still using a Zagg Keys 9 keyboard and case combo for my iPad mini, but there are times that I want to lose the keyboard and go with a stylish case. Just yesterday, I wandered over to the Twelve South site to see if they had their BookBook case available for an iPad mini. Nope, only the larger iPads were supported. But my timing was clearly off because today there’s a BookBook for iPad mini.

BookBook iPad mini typingEngadget noticed the product launch and my finger is already hovering over the “order” button. The BookBook, for those not familiar with it, is a case that makes your iPad look like a vintage book. It comes in three colors for $69.99, which includes U.S. shipping: Vibrant Red, Classic Black and Vintage Brown. The BookBook opens and closes with two zippers so you can still charge your iPad mini while in the case. The BookBook isn’t just a looker though.

Your iPad mini is secured inside the case in what BookBook calls a support frame: Essentially, it’s a leather pocket or sleeve holding the tablet. Two hardback book covers wrapped in leather make up the front and back while between the support frame and the covers are lined with black suede for protection.

BookBook iPad mini in landscape

You can even prop up the iPad mini for watching video or typing with the BookBook, so there’s no functionality loss compared to most other cases. The BookBook weighs 7.5 ounces, which isn’t too bad considering the light iPad mini itself weighs 10.8 ounces. I worked full-time in a library for six years so maybe that’s why the BookBook is calling my name?