The GigaOM Quiz: test your tech knowledge

Think you know your stuff when it comes to the fast-changing worlds of technology and media? Try your hand at our GigaOM Quiz below. In the age of Google(s goog), finding the answers to these questions is child’s play, but avoid the temptation of the search field and see if you can come up with the right choices below. Answers (and explanations) are on the following page, and the questions (submitted by GigaOM and paidContent staff members) follow below.

1. What major U.S. mobile carrier is still operating under its original name?

A: AT&T (s t)
B: Verizon Wireless (s vzw)
C: Sprint (s s)
D: T-Mobile


2. In April, the Department of Justice and 31 states sued book publishers and Apple (s aapl) for allegedly colluding to set ebook prices. Which of the following did NOT APPEAR in the DOJ and states’ original complaints?

A: A “decisionmaker” was quoted as saying “F*** Amazon.”
B: A publishing executive was quoted as instructing someone to “double-delete this email.”
C: Publishing CEOs were described as meeting in “‘The Chef’s Wine Cellar,’ a private room at Picholene,” where “business matters were discussed.”
D: Publishing executives referred to themselves in an email as “the Club!”

3. Just as Twitter launched its own photo editing and filters service, Instagram released updates to its popular app, including the addition of a new photo filter. What was this filter called?

A. Wander
B. Willow
C. Wrestle
D. Tousle

4. We’re producing and consuming data at the same rate your kids attack the bowls of holiday M&Ms left around the house this time of year. But as we move past petabytes and exabytes to the even more esoteric zettabytes and yottabytes what comes next?

A: Googolbytes
B: Brontobytes
C: Gegobyte
D: Mondobytes

5. What was one of the big secrets about Apple revealed Tim Cook with Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl at Apple's iPhone 5 launch event during executive testimony at the Apple-Samsung trial?

A: Jony Ive had been lobbying for years for an iPhone with a 5-inch screen
B: Scott Forstall was not Steve Jobs’ first choice to run the iPhone team
C: Steve Jobs was not against the idea of 7-inch tablets after all
D: Google’s Eric Schmidt had helped convince Jobs to build the iPad

6. Long before the iPhone, Androids and Windows Phone, Microsoft did have a sizable percent of the personal digital assistant (PDA) market. These devices eventually turned into Windows Mobile smartphones and at one point, the platform was forecast to surpass that of Symbian. Which of these companies did NOT make a Microsoft-powered PDA:

A: Casio
B: Handspring
C: Toshiba
D: Compaq

7. What event set the new world record for the most simultaneous tweets per minute in 2012?

A: The closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics
B: A live Twitter interview with Justin Bieber
C: Pope Benedict’s first Twitter conversation
D: The night of the federal election

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Feature photo courtesy of Shutterstock user Shawn Hempel; Tim Cook/Dave Grohl photo courtesy of @tim (Tim Bradshaw)