CloudSigma highlights flexibility, elasticity and transparency

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the fastest-growing segment of the $109 billion public cloud services market, according to Gartner. So, naturally, more and more companies will soon be migrating their services to take advantage of the public cloud’s flexibility, accessibility and scalability. But in choosing an IaaS provider, it’s crucial to understand what platform is best for each unique business case, as not all clouds are created equal.

Additionally, flexibility has been cited as the most important aspect of the public cloud by 57 percent of industry experts, according to a recent North Bridge Venture Partners survey. It’s strange, then, to see that most cloud providers don’t allow users to configure the exact amount of RAM, CPU and storage they need or deploy whatever software, applications or operating systems they like. CloudSigma’s uniquely customer-centric, public cloud IaaS platform, on the other hand, is among the most flexible on the market today.

With this in mind, CloudSigma has released a white paper, “CloudSigma and its Flexible, Elastic and Transparent Public Cloud IaaS,” comparing several of today’s top public cloud IaaS providers with regards to their flexibility, customizability and transparency to help companies make the right public cloud choice for their business.

Written by David Strom, a leading expert on networking and internet communications, this white paper will benefit organizations looking to obtain a thorough understanding of various IaaS solutions, including the customer-centric mindset behind one of the most innovative providers on the market.