Another day, another desk: GigaOM tests out New York’s coworking spaces

DUMBO Startup Lab

Dumbo Startup Lab

The backstory: Inspired by a visit with startups in Chile, Freddie Pikovsky, co-founder and CEO of travel magazine Off Track Planet, opened up the DUMBO Startup Lab in Brooklyn earlier this year.

Dumbo Startup Lab 2What we liked: For people in tech who live in Brooklyn — and there are a lot of them — the DUMBO Startup Lab could mean one less reason to hop a train to Manhattan. The space itself is sunny and comfortable, with views of the Manhattan Bridge. Instead of hosting office hours with people in the greater tech community, the Lab invites investors and seasoned entrepreneurs to regular demo days.

What we didn’t like: 
The 3,200-square-foot space doesn’t include any walls, so I felt more pressure to speak in hushed tones during phone calls. It has a telephone booth for some privacy, but it can feel cramped if you use your laptop. Also, the bathroom reflects the building’s industrial roots — it feels more appropriate for a warehouse than an office.

The people: As you’d expect, most of the entrepreneurs working out of the lab are Brooklynites, but it’s attracted folks from Manhattan, too. I met music app developer and gluten-free food subscription service GFreely.